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JP Carpet is dedicated to offering professional carpet installation with honesty and hard work. If you are not satisfied with the carpet installation, please contact JP Carpet as soon as a concern arises and we will address it in a timely manner. If the concern falls under Warranty, we will honor our Warranty and address the concern with no service cost to you.

One-Year Carpet Installation Warranty available for carpet installation done on new carpet and new pad, if carpet is stored and transported properly prior to installation, if carpet purchased is correct yardage needed for job and installed according to manufacture recommendations.


If there has been a problem with improper installation it will be evident within the first year of installation.
One-Year Carpet Installation Warranty covers incidents occurring from installation, BUT DOES NOT cover incidents done by customer or any other person(s) outside of JP Carpet done before, during or after installation.

PLEASE NOTE: After installation, a proper walk-thru with JP Carpet and customer is recommended. If customer is out of town, pictures will be sent. If customer is available and waves the walk-thru process,
Warranty is void.



- Carpet coming loose from tackstrip due to installation.
- Seams separating from seaming process.
- Rip in carpet, done at time of installation by JP Carpet.

- Carpet wrinkle(s) due to installation.


- Carpet wrinkles from water damage, sliding heavy objects or furniture, uneven subfloors.
- Carpet coming loose from tackstrip by sliding heavy objects or furniture, or carpet being pulled up by

 persons other than JP Carpet.
- Seam separation caused by pets, objects or persons other than JP Carpet.
- Rip in carpet caused by pets, objects or persons other than JP Carpet.
- Visibility of seams. NOTE: Depending on quality/style/texture of carpet, lighting and seam placement, seams may be visible. Most professionals, including Shaw Flooring and Carpet & Rug Institute will agree that even the most well done seams may be visible. In most cases seams will blend in time.  This is why JP Carpet prefers to assist with seam placement and the amount of seams done in a room.


- If customer is available and waves the walk-thru process.
- Not enough carpet. If the carpet provided for installation was not measured properly by person(s)
other than JP Carpet with recommended amount of seams or pieces of carpet for each room
and customer chooses to continue with installation. It is recommended to have no more than two
seams or three pieces of carpet in an average size room. Multiple pieces of carpet can take away
from integrity of carpet.
- If carpet is measured by JP Carpet and customer does not take recommendation of yardage needed
for installation and purchases a different yardage.
- Damaged sub-floor.  If sub-floor is noticibly damaged by being warped or uneven floors.
- If customer waves the installers recommendations. (JP Carpet in some instances may give advice on
taking certain steps or precautions in installation process.)



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