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Keep you family healthy with regular carpet cleanings.

JP Carpet uses detergents that can safely remove soil, odors and allergens trapped in your carpets. Though some may assume that hardwood floors are better for a healthy environment, carpet works as a filter to trap dust, dirt and allergens making it easier to remove. Whereas hardwood floors allow these to move about your home which makes it more difficult to remove.

Best yet, our detergents are effective but SAFE for your family and pets!

In addition, we use high-powered vacuums that are essential to preventing the growth of bacteria and mold. Whereas, rental carpet cleaners can soak carpets and lack in vacuum power resulting in an unhealthy environment for your home.

Breath easier... and enjoy playtime on your carpet with a Deep Carpet Cleaning by JP Carpet. Call us today for you quote, 575.707.1180.

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