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Carpet Restoration.

No need to replace your carpet when you can restore it with carpet repairs, stretching and deep cleaning by a professional service.

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JPs Evaluate - Repair - Restore Service 


We take the time to carefully evaluate your carpet. Looking at the wear, the damage, the repairs needed, the integrity and what would need to be done to restore it.


We start with any repairs that need to be done. Repairs can include carpet wrinkles, carpet seams, carpet tears, threshold transitions, carpet patching and more.


•The process starts by pre-spraying the entire area using the industries most effective detergent formulated with enzymes to loosen top and face fiber soils, fight odors and kill bacteria. We allow time for it to do its job while we set-up for the next phase.

•Next, we use a mechanical rotary machine with a carpet brush to agitate pre-spray into the carpet, applying more pre-spray as necessary and focusing on traffic and heavily soiled areas.

•Extraction time. While some carpet cleaners may only focus on how much water and detergent they put in your carpet, we focus on how much we EXTRACT from your carpet. JP Carpet uses the recommended method of hot water extraction to flush and two on-board vacuums to extract. During the flush cycle we use a professional-grade alkaline extraction detergent which is effective but safe for your family and pets.

Lastly, we will perform a walk-thru to evaluate any areas that may need more attention and address those areas again before we leave.


Carpet Restored and Money Saved!

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