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YES! They really are free :)

Free Quotes are available for Cleaning Services, Install Services, Carpet Repairs and Re-stretch.


We offer FREE On-site Quotes* for local area. Give us a call and we can schedule a time to visit with you.


☑️Free, No Obligation Quote
☑️Free Consultation
☑️Speak directly with an experienced professional
☑️Questions answered


At the time of consultation, a Detailed Quote** can be given for carpet or vinyl installations. These Detailed Quotes include:

☑️Total Cost with breakdown

☑️Linear feet for carpet or vinyl to purchase

☑️Yardage or square footage of carpet or vinyl to purchase

☑️Yardage or square footage of pad to purchase

☑️Variations that can help with costs

☑️Lock in job date

☑️Payment terms and conditions

These Detailed Quotes will include a Detailed Quote Fee** that can be deducted from the total after job is completed.


Live outside of the local area? No problem. We still offer On-site Quotes** for areas outside our local area. For a small quote fee we will come out and see what you need and give you a quote, BUT your small quote fee is deducted from the total when we return to perform the job... making your quote FREE!


Out of town? Busy work days? No problem. In most cases we can give a FREE Over-the-phone Quote and Consultation.*** During our conversation we will ask a few questions and give you an estimate based on your answers.



Call JP Carpet today for your FREE QUOTE, 575.707.1180 or fill in our contact form and we'll respond at our earliest convenience!

*On-site initial quotes for Cleaning Services, Installation Services, Carpet Restretch or Repair for local area or over-the-phone initial quotes are always free! Initial quote is free but call backs for multiple quotes following the initial quote for the same job may incur a small fee for time spent.

**On-site detailed quotes for Carpet/Vinyl Installation that include providing measurements, yardage calculations, etc., may incur a Detailed Quote Fee which can be deducted from the total after job. On-site quotes for areas outside of local area will require a Travel Fee due at time of visit to cover travel charge, but can be deducted from the total after job!

***Over-the-phone quotes are just estimates based on the answers given by customer; when we arrive for the job we will perform an on-site evaluation and give a Final Price before performing the job. Some other restrictions may apply.

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