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Are you in need of Carpet Repair?

Tired of tripping on carpet wrinkles or seeing the unsightly rips in your carpet? We can help!


Over time your carpet may be in need of repair due to everyday wear or accidents. In most cases, we can re-seam, stretch, or even patch your carpet giving you time until your ready to replace it.

Don't wait! The longer a wrinkle remains in your carpet, the more damage it can do. A small rip or seam unraveling can turn into a larger problem over time.



We can help with...

  • Wrinkles in carpet due to wear.

  • Split seams in carpet.

  • Tears in carpet from pets.

  • Carpet pulling away from transitions.

  • Replace bleached areas.

  • Replace burn spots.

*FREE in-person quotes for local area available. FREE over-the-phone quote available in some circumstances. Quote Fee may apply with in-person quotes done outside of local area but Quote Fee can be deducted from Total after job is performed.


Customer is responsible for pre-repair prep, including but not limited to moving heavy furniture, equipment or personal items, it is the owners responsibility to make sure that all small children and pets are kept out of the working area for the duration of the project for their protection (JP CARPET is not responsible for any pet(s) that may get hurt or escape the home or premises during job), easy access in and out of the home or business, etc. Call for details, 575.707.1180.


Cancellation of Scheduled Quote or Service

Cancellation of scheduled quote two hours prior or cancellation of scheduled job the day before appointment can be rescheduled at no extra cost. Cancellation of quote or job once we are on our way or arrive to home/business will incur a Cancellation Fee of $25 in-town or $50 outside town limits to be paid on arrival.


Payment due within 24 hours of completion of said job completed. Failure to do so may result in additional charges.

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