Is it time to replace it?
Or can I repair it?


Carpet is a big investment and so whether or not you should replace it can be a tough decision. We understand that. This is why we offer a FREE* In-home Carpet Evaluation to help you weigh your options.


Depending on the age, wear, damage, traffic, texture and past carpet maintenance we can help determine if the life of your carpet can be prolonged. Most cases it can be repaired, re-stretched and/or professionally cleaned with no hassles. In a few cases we will recommend replacement. By request, we can give a FREE* service quote on replacement or repairing and/or professionally cleaning your carpet.


With over 25 years experience in the business ask us for your FREE* In-home Carpet Evaluation where we will give an evaluation of your carpet, answer any questions, offer expert advise and give a FREE* service quote.



FREE* Carpet Evaluation available for businesses, too!


Contact us today to make your appointment.



*Free In-person Evaluation available for homes or businesses in local area; quote fee may be required in some circumstances. In-home Evaluations available outside local area, but may require an Evaluation Fee based on mileage. Service quotes available on carpet/vinyl installation, carpet repair, carpet re-stretch and carpet/tile cleaning. Call for details.


Cancellation of Scheduled Quote or Service

Cancellation of scheduled quote two hours prior or cancellation of scheduled job the day before appointment can be rescheduled at no extra cost. Cancellation of quote or job once we are on our way or have arrived to your home/business will incur a Cancellation Fee of $25 in-town or $50 outside town limits to be paid on arrival.


Payment due within 24 hours of completion of said job completed. Failure to do so may result in additional charges.