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What can JP Carpet do for you?

Flooring is a big investment and with proper care it can last for years to come. But life happens on our floors... spills, pet accidents, traffic, mud, dirt, allergens, fireplace burns, etc. JP Carpet can help you extend your flooring's life with routine or deep cleaning, repairs or enhance your hard surfaces with stripping and waxing. On select jobs we can offer carpet or vinyl installation when you're ready to replace to flooring. Services are available for your home, your rental property and/or your business.


Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning by hot water extraction. A light routine cleaning or deep cleaning, we can help!


Carpet repair or re-stretching by an experienced installer. Repairing your carpet can add years to your carpet and save you from replacing it.


Professional carpet and vinyl installation by third and fourth generation installers backed by JP's Warranty.


No need to replace when you can restore. JP's Restoration service offers repairs and deep cleaning to prolong the life of your carpet.

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