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Services & Pricing


Below is a list of our most popular services.

For questions on any service or other services we may offer, contact us.

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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning for your home. Per room charge. Does not include pet or restoration service.


Carpet Installation

Basic install for average size room. Check tackstrip, pad and carpet installation.


Carpet Repair

Carpet repairs including seams, carpet tears, threshold repair and carpet patchwork. Does not include stretching or re-install.


Carpet Re-stretch

Carpet stretching for one room. Stretch, check tackstrip and re-installation.


Carpet Restoration

Carpet restoration for one average room size.  Includes Deep Cleaning with sanitation, Carpet Stretching and Repairs.


Sheet Vinyl Installation

Basic install for average size room. Glue down and install of sheet vinyl. Does not include floor prep if needed.

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